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Company Profile

  Zhongshan Dehao Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful environment and the lifeline of the national economy in the Pearl River Delta---Zhongshan Dongsheng Town. It is a medium-sized enterprise integrating R&D, production, processing and sales. It has been committed to the development of decorative materials for many years. At present, products are widely used in high-end clubs, hotels, shopping malls, homes, office spaces, entertainment venues, villa decoration, etc. In order to achieve customer needs and create ideal decorative effects, the company closely follows the trend of decoration and hires senior designers in the industry. Using unique three-dimensional casting technology, combined with pure hand-made personalized customization, with high-end sense of popular colors, presents the perfect visual experience required by customers. Dehao Decoration has always been adhering to the corporate mission of "allowing customers to spend the same money to get high-quality space effects", always insisting on creating value for customers with safe and healthy products and exclusive customized design solutions, and striving to become a decoration material company that exceeds customer expectations. In terms of products, the company launched "Dehao Ecological Resin Board", which came into being as a leader in new decorative materials. The material is made of 100% pure hand-made synthetic material with environmentally friendly polymer polyester resin, with high stability, environmental protection, flame retardant and anti-corrosion. Mould is a creative and luxurious decorative panel finished by hand with an exclusive patented formula to ensure consumers' peace of mind. The company adheres to the people's philosophy of advocating health, environmental protection, and green. After years of hard research and passionate work, it has won the trust and favor of countless consumers. In the future, the company will always remain customer-centric and strive for survival by quality. Promote development with reputation, design and produce healthy and environmentally friendly decoration materials for different customers, take technological innovation and quality service as the cornerstone of the company, and continue to work hard towards China's first-class decoration material enterprises.

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